TEARDROPS & PENNIES - I've got all this love for you

Four weeks ago some of the folks on the mailing list and I started an online sharing circle. (You are all welcome to join….email me at jont@jontnet.com if you would like to be part of it and I’ll tell you more.) I have been amazed and humbled by the vulnerability shown by the group and an innate intelligence at work that has allowed each session to unfold with an effortless perfection. 

It is in part inspired by conversations we had there that I present this brand new performance / transmission of Teardrops & Pennies (I’ve got all this love for you), on this particular day of St. Valentine. 


Before the song is sung I invite you to find a quiet place to sit. 

Somewhere you can relax and take it in fully. 

As the “I’ve got all this love for you” chorus is sung, I invite you to sing or imagine yourself singing these words to you as a baby. 

And then to you as a toddler. 

And then to you as a young child, then as a young adult. 

Then in your late teens, then you in your twenties… 

and all the way up to right now….absolutely authentically sending love to yourself at all these times in your life. 

Why? Well….try it out. Everyone will get something different from it, but I'm confident you won't feel it's a waste of time.