Gentle Warrior Ceremony - Zoom Livestream

Join Jont & Lee for a magical, intimate and uplifting experience of song and ceremony - a deep dive that invites connection, healing and celebration! Livestreamed from a shared Zoom ceremony space in Halifax Canada and Berlin, Germany.

Saturday, March 6, 2021 @ 7 pm CET Berlin / 6 pm GMT London / 2 pm AST Halifax

Tickets €8 ($12.25 CDN)

Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremonies are experiences that blend songs with stories and reflections - sometimes they include friends like Lee who offer music, devotional mantras or meditation.

We call them “ceremonies” because they are more like meditative "listening experiences" than concerts. And there is nothing we need to do but offer our presence and attention (and at times feel free to move or dance) and enjoy dissolving into the sound together.

JONT. Originally from the UK, Jont has spent his life connecting with those around him through his exultant and timeless songs. His newest album, Thank You For The Medicine, is a collaboration with friends from around the world featuring electronic textures, festival anthems, a vulnerable beating heart, a string quartet and a choir. And songs about exactly what we are going through right now. Rarely has an album arrived at such a perfect time.

LEE. Lee’s journey to expand his capacity for joy, contentment and wisdom through embodiment and authentic connection is what drives him to hold space for others to walk the same path. He is the co-creator of Honne (facebook.con/wearehonne) which holds Conscious Sense Ceremonies and co-founder of GreaterWe - a partnership which brings mindfulness and compassion seminars to the workplace.