This music is my most bold and humble expression.

May it inspire deep listening and feeling, wild dancing and laughter and the tears and transformation that come when we surrender to all of who we are. 


These songs are our stories of living, loving and healing.  


These pages contain full length versions of songs and videos, along with lyrics and spontaneous items posted for you to discover.  I invite you to begin here with the song, “Source of Love”, from the current Gentle Warrior album. It expresses sonically and thematically where I'm at in life and with the music. Maybe it captures an essence of where you are, too, or where you long to be. The music is best experienced if you can close your eyes or turn off your screen, perhaps listening on headphones. Life is right here. Enjoy the moment: immerse yourself in the songs and whatever magic they inspire. 

...I finally give up all of my life to the source of love...”

NEW - Gentle Warrior

"soulful and reflective"

Gentle Warrior is a healing musical meditation featuring nine songs, some new along with others from previous albums. All are performed solo on a nylon string guitar with no additional instrumentation, creating an uplifting and expansive listening experience.

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Jont Songwriter in the Leaves

JONT - Singer/songwriter and troubadour

"Uplifting. Intimate. Vulnerable. Inspiring. Honest." - James Cook.

For more than 20 years, Jont has travelled the globe sharing music that celebrates love, life and the full spectrum of the human experience, reminding us that we are here to follow our hearts, heal together and express who we really are.

...More About Jont...


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