As a live performer Jont gives all of himself. His joy and love of singing emanate from the stage. He has a powerful presence, a gentle warrior, a fire cracker and a healer all rolled into one.”

— Sharon


Jont LOVEstream


Sunday June 20, 2021 @ 3 pm Halifax / 7 pm London / 11 am LA.

Fun and delightful affairs overflowing with love and uplifting moments... 

Free for Subscribers / Tickets Pay What You Wish. (See below) 

All ticket holders will get the recording a couple of days later! 

Jont - Zoom LOVEStream Ticket June 20, 2021
  • Jont - Zoom LOVEStream Ticket June 20, 2021
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Jont - Zoom LOVEStream Ticket June 20, 2021

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Tune in to the Zoom LOVEstream on Sunday June 20, 2021 @ 3 pm Halifax / 7 pm London / 11 am LA.

I love singing these songs and it's a lot of fun to hang out with you all! I want there to be nothing holding you back if you want to be there, so it's pay what you wish (starting at free). Grab your ticket! (Note: your ticket also gets you a copy of the recording.)

Subscribers – always free - check your email for the zoom link. Interested in subscribing for as little as $5/month? Go to

These Zoom gatherings are warm, fun and delightful affairs. If you are curious about the experience, check out this clip from the June 9th LOVEstream:

See you Sunday!

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"Feeling the earth beneath my feet, feeling the wind on my face and sun on the trees, not a moment to lose, not a moment today when I won't be in the right now..."



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Previous events

Jont - Zoom Livestream

It's Zoom-Livestream Time! Friday May 7, 2021 3 pm Halifax / 7 pm London / 11 am L.A.

I'm intoxicated with the desire to share my music with you sing with gratitude and joy!

See you there sweethearts.... bring your aqualungs we will be going deep!

TICKETS $10 CDN (includes the Zoom Link) / *NOTE: Free for subscribers - check your email for the Zoom Link!

Jont - Zoom Livestream

Sunday April 11, 2021 @ 4 pm Halifax / 8 pm U.K. / 12 pm L.A.

The best 2 hours of the weekend. Music, meditative reflections and joyful presence! Cameras on or off is fine! $10 CDN

*Free for subscribers. Check your email for the zoom link.

Gentle Warrior Song Ceremony (Zoom Livestream)

Sunday, March 28, 2021 @ 7 pm CEST Berlin / 2 pm ADT Halifax Tickets €8 / $12 CDN

Join Jont & Lee for a magical, intimate and uplifting experience of song and ceremony - a deep dive that invites connection, healing and celebration! Livestreamed from a shared Zoom ceremony space in Halifax Canada and Berlin, Germany...

Purchase $12 CDN ticket below (*For those who want to make the purchase in euros: €8 via Paypal -

You will receive the Zoom Link in your ticket.

Many artists can entertain with their music, but you've taken your art beyond entertainment, into a world of reflection and wonderment, on things that have been, and are yet to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. ”

— Ben & Kelly

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