As a live performer Jont gives all of himself. His joy and love of singing emanate from the stage. He has a powerful presence, a gentle warrior, a fire cracker and a healer all rolled into one.”

— Sharon

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"Feeling the earth beneath my feet, feeling the wind on my face and sun on the trees, not a moment to lose, not a moment today when I won't be in the right now..."


Join Jont for ONLINE and LIVE gatherings of music in 2020.

Jont - Gentle Warrior Online and Live 2020


Previous events


Jont ONLINE @ The Soulstice Spirit Festival (2ND DATE!)

The Soulstice Spirit Festival

Join Jont at The Soulstice Spirit Festival for an online Gentle Warrior Ceremony July 5th.

July 5, 2020: 6 am LA | 9 am Toronto | 10 am Halifax | 2 pm London

Register for a free access pass that also invites you book other great sessions with spiritual visionaries and wisdom-seekers from all over the world, along with paid access to exclusive speakers.


Jont - Thank You For The Medicine LIVE | ONLINE Album Launch

via The East Mag Online

On Thursday, June 25th, we are holding a global celebratory gig live-streamed from the legendary Open Mic House in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As lockdown restrictions have been significantly lifted, we are now able to gather and sing together so I will be joined by a 7-piece choir. Together we will perform the entirety of the new album, plus one old favourite…. 11 pm London | 7 pm Halifax | 6 pm New York | 3 pm L.A.

It is hosted by The East and it will be streamed on my website and also on my FB page. Tune in and show your support.

Facebook Details here

Many artists can entertain with their music, but you've taken your art beyond entertainment, into a world of reflection and wonderment, on things that have been, and are yet to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. ”

— Ben & Kelly

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