Come join us for an old school night of songs and fun and bands and dancing.

Jont & The Fish are pure light. Their uplifting intimate indie poet rock is at once known and hopelessly individual. What's the difference? They meet on the dusty earth between the two where it is safe to dance, to smile at your friend you have just met, to know you are loved, in this song and after.

Mat Hughes is an upcoming piano song scientist with a captivating smile and a bashful beneficence, while Morghain Lee has been waiting for this moment all her life and seeks to hold no prisoners and would prefer you to leave yours at home.

Tickets are $15 advance right here or $20 on door (cash only)

7:30 doors | 8 pm start

Morghain Lee onstage 8 pm | Mat Hughes 8:45 pm | Jont & The Fish onstage 9:30 pm

NOTE: There's a 60 person capacity so def buy in advance to avoid being left out in the street in Dartmouth on a Friday night...