To Share That Joy - Best of Jont Vol. I

Over the last year I have been making a new (very mellow) album called “Old Traveller” that I’m really excited about sharing. 

As we started work on that I felt it was also the right time to put together a release of some of my favourite recordings from the last 20 years. There are a few old faves that have never been on albums (Morley Moo, a remix of When The Time Comes).

For someone who has never heard my music it gives quite a nice flavour of what I have been doing in the studio in the last 20 years. For those who have enjoyed the 11 albums in the catalog so far it offers a lovely listening experience as a collection. 

It is called “To Share That Joy: The Best of Jont Vol.I” and it’s available for download right here.

Cover Photo by Walter Briski Jr.

To Share That Joy - Best of Jont Vol.I


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25 of the best of Jont's recordings from 20 years of album making, selected and sequenced by him, featuring 3 previously unreleased tracks.

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Jont - To Share That Joy
My first Jont experience! Such great music with heartfelt messages that we all need to hear these days. ” - Matthew


Tracks from To Share That Joy - Best of Jont Vol.1 span 20 years and  nine albums including:

Thank You For The MedicineA Spaceship On The Ocean Floor (Live)Gentle WarriorAn Old Innocence, Hello Halifax, Whole Again, Set It Free, Supernatural and One Long Song.

These can all be purchased (in various formats) on the MUSIC page.