I Think It Could Be Possible - Official Video

The human spirit is alive and well.

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To amplify the awareness and positive feeling that comes from the uplifting, catchy anthem, "I Think It Could Be Possible", people all around the world are doing their own cover versions and sending them to me. We will then compile them and make amazing videos to uplift and inspire the world.



Here's some inspiration. Check out these AMAZING kids from Halifax, England. I couldn't believe it when they sent me their version.

All you need to be part of the "Possible" Challenge is here:

1. Download (Click on "FREE") or listen to the song 

(Download in exchange for your email. Note: If you already are on the mailing list, your name won't get added twice.)

2. Download and print the lyrics and chords (PDF below) or open and read them off the screen.


3. Then once you know how the song goes, start coming up with your own cover version....any key any tempo, whatever makes it feel like it's yours. 


4. Film yourself and send the file via wetransfer or dropbox to jontmark@hotmail.com.


5. If your instrument is your voice, then film yourself singing along with the instrumental version and be backed by our amazing choir! 

6. That's it! Once we've posted your versions and the official video let's spread them (social media, email) as far and wide as we can to get this positive message of solidarity and love out to the world.

(All of the cover versions will be posted in the GALLERY below, in the I Think It Could Be Possible Facebook Group and on my YouTube and IGTv channels. By sending me your versions you are giving me permission to post the videos there and use them as part of the compilation videos we are making of everyone's performances).

We are all singing this song together, one family together. X Jont

I Think It Could Be Possible Collage
The I Think It Could Be Possible Cover Video Gallery

Don & Mark (Canada & USA): Cross-Border Rock Version

Leone & Arco (Italy): Acoustic Beats Version

Universalist Unitarian Choir (Canada): Universal Version

The Arabic-Israelis: United Version

Nusa & Eva (Slovenia): Tricky Lyrics Version

EQ Kids Club (USA): Maximum Cute Version

Alan Evans (Canada): Totally 80's Version

Jokazio (Canada): Killer Casio Version

Michelle & John (Canada): Harmonium & Guitar Version

George Woodhouse (Canada): Global Choir of Dartmouth Version