Thank You For The Medicine


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Edgy electronic textures. Percolating techno grooves. A phalanx of strings. Soaring vocal choirs. Stirring arrangements. This is the new sound of Medicine Pop. The sound of pure exhilaration. The sound of joy.

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There is no love we should hold back from each other. Now is the time. Show that person you love them. Show them you have forgiven them. Or ask their forgiveness. We are not the separate beings our conditioning has taught us. The other person is you. The world might be in turmoil but you can make a difference to your world. That is all any of us can do.  

With that deep love that is all of ours, not mine, not yours….as a current in that deep love, to another current in that deep love, I bring your attention to this humble but joyful and sacred collection of healing songs that it has been the work of about 30 of us to put together over the last two years and three months. 

We hope you will enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed making it and that there are moments on it that help you celebrate the best days and get through the worst.

Thank you, listener. Without you the process is not complete.