Jont remains of the few with an unshifting passion and dedication to the pure expression of the human experience that music can be.”

— Tom Rothrock (producer for Beck, Elliot Smith)


Uplifting. Intimate. Vulnerable. Inspiring. Honest. These are words that describe the music and performances of British-born troubadour Jont.  

Jont has been singing and playing music for more than 20 years with nine studio albums and landing songs in movies and television along the way.  He is the force behind Unlit, impromptu live performances held in people's homes worldwide that reached millions on YouTube, and most recently the healing and soulful gatherings of intentional music known as Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremonies.  

Utterly individual and engaging, Jont is respected by his peers and loved by an ever-growing group of devoted followers. Whether performing solo or with his band, The Infinite Possibility, his musical energy is radiant and contagious, touching a place of longing for what’s good, joyful and true. 

An early love of poetry led him to travel across the USA interviewing the giants of American poetry at the age of 18 (including having dinner with Allen Ginsberg in his lower east side apartment).  This  developed into a passion for songwriting and performing that saw him attract Tom Petty’s manager and move to Los Angeles.  Making records there and on his return to London, Jont “a true innovator” created a music event (half party, half gig) and took advantage of the rise of YouTube to take hundreds of thousands on a trip into people’s living rooms across America and the UK with his ground-breaking Unlit Tours.

Inspired by a trip to Sicily to sing his song Supernatural at a fan’s wedding, Jont decided life was too short to struggle to be noticed among London’s million bands, setting out instead (like his ancestor Dick Whittington before him, except with a guitar rather than a cat) as a real-life troubadour, letting his songs “organically lead him round the world”.

His idealism and bravery paid off. The journey led to a new-found peace (through meditation) and the most profound discovery of his life - his daughter.