Experience the album

Old Traveller is an album of 13 heart-opening original medicine songs.

Along with the digital version, I've decided to release it as a limited edition printed book rather than a CD or LP. This is my attempt to offer you the listener a more tangible and intimate experience with the collection of songs and the medicine they carry. 

The songbook (which comes with a copy of the album plus a bonus track) and the digital album are available for purchase below. 

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Jont - Old Traveller Songbook

The 96-page songbook contains lyrics and chords to all the songs, poems, an introduction about the extraordinary process of making this album and small pieces of writing about each of the songs, plus photographs and a transcription of a Taoist forgiveness practice. At the back of the book there is a web address where you can download (MP3 plus WAV format for the audiophiles) or stream the album. The songbook downloads also contain an unreleased bonus track.

Choose a song from the book or begin at the beginning. Get comfortable, relax and create a sacred space where you can be fully present with each song, savouring and integrating the unique flavour of medicine it has to offer on the day you choose to commune with it. Sing. Play along…

It's a gorgeous item and there are only about 100 left.