"Jont's songs are the medicine the world needs right now.  
Rooted in the experience of love and the healing of trauma, they are deeply personal and yet genuinely universal.”


In these challenging times, we are all at risk of being swept away by  feelings of confusion and distress. It is therefore important to have music in your life that you really believe in.

The music you'll find here is based in the timeless values that are true in all eras and for all people - those of honesty, transparency, love and joy.

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The last few years I've been kind of under the radar, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia making two full albums of music of a genre that I call "Medicine Pop". A lot of the tracks have the uplifting sound of a string quartet and a choir sharing space with more modern sounding backing tracks. 

Some of the songs were written in the months before this current time but seem weirdly suitable for right now. With the help of an amazing group of friends around the world I am bringing these recordings, the best I've ever made, to completion and beginning to release them and perform live in whatever way suits this evolving time.  

The first album to be released (on June 26th) is called Thank You For The Medicine and the first singles from it are called I Think It Could Be Possible and the latest, Thank You For My Happiness. See the videos below.  

I'm happy to say it's my job to get these uplifting messages, that have been given to me in the shape of songs, out to you. I love it and I hope you love the songs. Be in touch! Let me know where you're listening from and where I should come and play once we're allowed to get out on the road again...  

XX Jont


the end is an illusion - official video | sept.08.20

"...one of the most reassuring, uplifting and joyful indie gospel-pop choruses one could ever hope to hear, let alone right now at this extraordinary time when we all sorely need comfort and reassurance. "

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