"Jont's songs are the medicine the world needs right now.  
Rooted in the experience of love and the healing of trauma, they are deeply personal and yet genuinely universal.”

This site is the treasure trove of what I do. Dive in. There is a world of music, video, writing and live performances to explore.  

Most of all, over the last 20 years I have devoted myself to writing songs and making the best recordings of them that I can...and finding meaningful ways to share them with the world. 

I am proud to present all the albums of my music to you on the MUSIC page. You can also stream all of them as a "Subscriber".

I deeply love meeting people and the adventures that my songs create. Join our newly launched SUBSCRIPTION Community! You will have access to all sorts of live and unreleased recordings, group chats and community engagement experiences (both online and in the real world). Don't quite get it? Of course you don't! That's why I asked my friend Dave  to knock up this brilliantly clear and fun video explaining exactly who I am and what the Jont subscription community is about..... Watch this and all shall become clear:

Welcome to the Subscription Community! Sign-up or begin with a FREE TRIAL!

So - once you've got your subscription, or your free trial - now just dip in to what's here! check out the subscription pages, introduce yourself to the gang through the forum, and Michelle will be in touch to welcome you.... 

And if you're not signed up, that's fine too. There's loads of stuff here on the site even if you're not a subscriber - you've been on a website before! Just dip in and see what you find...  

With love, 


I invite you to begin here with the song, “Source of Love”, from the current Gentle Warrior album. It expresses sonically and thematically where I'm at in life and with the music. Maybe it captures an essence of where you are, too, or where you long to be. The music is best experienced if you can close your eyes or turn off your screen, perhaps listening on headphones. Life is right here. Enjoy the moment. 

...I finally give up all of my life to the source of love...”


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