"Jont's songs are the medicine the world needs right now.  
Rooted in the experience of love and the healing of trauma, they are deeply personal and yet genuinely universal.”



Jont - Living Room Livestream November 24, 2020

Enjoy this clip of Church On Sunday from the October 2020 Living Room Livestream.

Thank you for joining the Nov.24.20 livestream. Stay tuned for the December 2020 date. 

These song ceremonies have become a source of solace with plenty of fresh heart-opening content to uplift, comfort, inspire and ground you - music, musings and of course all the expected Jont antics.

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You Are The Dance - official video | RELEASE OCT.20.20

Another award-worthy video from Simon Ratigan, this time teaming up with choreographer Leila McMillan and a bunch of her dance students for an absolutely stunning video for YOU ARE THE DANCE.  We shot it on a summers day in East London all the way back in the summer of 2019, when improvised dancing with each other in the street without masks seemed entirely natural…

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