A Way That You Can Ease Your Soul 

Hello friend. I'm glad you made it. You are just a click away from giving yourself a really gorgeous gift. Get your headphones. Or hook up some nice speakers. Lie back, relax and soak up the calming medicine in this music.


These songs have the power to really soothe your nervous system and ease your soul. It is a deep honour to be able to offer them to you as the earth is going through this dramatic transition. (And fear not, you will not be interrupted half way through by an advert!)

Jont Playlist to ease your soul

I offer these songs (and the majority of my work and live performances) as a gift which means I rely on voluntary financial support to support me, my family and my team. If you have the financial means, your recurring gift as a subscriber or one-time donation is welcome. If not you could simply follow me on Spotify or whichever streaming platform you use and stay in touch by signing up for the free newsletter. I will of course not give your email to anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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Calming Medicine Of Music
Jont Playlist - Singing Together Soon

It's not an easy time right now. But we all have unique ways we can help those around us. These songs are mine. If you like them, stay in touch and one day we'll sing them together. 


Jont's music - happiness and peace

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Jont Playlist - Rhythms Shine

A Way That You Can Ease Your Soul

**Here is a continuous version of the playlist. Some devices are set to play song-by-song. This feature allows uninterrupted play!

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Jont Playlist Calm and Bliss
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Post-Script Feature: I Think It Could Be Possible!

The newest single from the upcoming Album, "Thank You For The Medicine" 

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