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Gentle warrier

My name is Jont. I've been singing songs to people for more than 20 years but recently I started singing in a much more powerful way on this new Gentle Warrior album. Alongside this my friends Michelle and John and I are developing a new, intimate concert experience to share the peaceful and healing energy that is coming through this music.

Below you can read how this new phase began and what these sacred song ceremonies involve. You can also hear the entire album here on Soundcloud (bottom of the page) or dip in to a track or two via the youtube links. To Download, I am sending download codes on request in return for a donation (you decide how much) via PayPal - just email me at

How it began 

In the morning, a voice told me that I had a new name. Gentle Warrior. I know, it sounds weird, but it's true. I didn’t know where this name came from. I knew nothing other than it felt right and that I believed the voice.  

Later that morning as everyone else awoke I played songs to them, certain songs from over the years that had a similar feel and message. The voice that came out was less like what I thought of as “my voice”, yet more like my true essence than it had ever been.  

A few days later as a prayer of gratitude I went into the studio and recorded the songs you can hear on this page. In a few hours on my own in the studio "Gentle Warrior" was born.  

Two nights before the recording session, I had performed these songs at a very intimate house concert. In the front row, cross-legged and beaming in front of me were two wonderful, bright shining souls - Michelle and John Coleman. They have been helping me hold the space for Gentle Warrior since that time. 

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What it's like 

The Gentle Warrior Song Ceremonies are a new concert experience that is evolving each time it happens.  At the crux of it there is the singing of these Gentle Warrior songs and the telling of the stories behind them. But it is the atmosphere that is unique - it is light, full of laughter and tears, spontaneity, openness, presence.  There are two or three sets over the course of the night, interspersed with nice breaks for hanging out, dancing and refreshments. As the night continues, the we are all able to go deeper and deeper in our connection to the songs as they come through.

The group that gathers creates the unique flavour of each ceremony. The only real necessity is their absolute desire to be there and to be part of an intense, intimate musical experience. 


Host a Gentle Warrior Song Ceremony 

Our mission is to throw ourselves in to creating these beautiful, healing song ceremonies with the friends we haven't met yet around the world, and together raise the vibration of love, peace and harmony for all beings in all dimensions. 

Email us at and we can let you know what is involved and work out how to make it happen in your community. 


Jont remains of the few with an unshifting passion and dedication to the pure expression of the human experience that music can be - Tom Rothrock  (producer for Beck, Elliot Smith)   

Music so lovely it makes you want to hug strangers in the street - Q Magazine, UK 

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