Gentle Warrior - Dec.08.2018

Profoundly soulful and reflective, Gentle Warrior is like a healing musical meditation featuring nine songs, some new along with others from previous albums. All are performed solo on a nylon string guitar with no additional instrumentation, creating an uplifting and expansive listening experience. 

opening the door to gentle warrior

This album lives its fullest life when you take some time to be still and fully commit to listening to it.  Daring words from the conduit, but what do I have to lose? Nothing at all. 

The arrangements are as simple as possible so as not to distract from the pure, undiluted, rhythmic, melodic and energetic message of each song, exactly as it came through, one cold winter evening when I was left on my own for a few hours in a small shed of a recording studio in Nova Scotia.

Play this album when you want to go deeper.  When you want to feel. When you can close your eyes. When you are able to receive. There is a sustained stillness and delicacy in the recordings that otherwise will likely all but pass you by.  

I feel it is my duty, with all humility, to let you know these songs have much more in them than I could ever have put there myself. 

Terry Choyce interviews Jont ("Inner Connections" CKDU fm 88.1 Halifax) about the new Gentle Warrior album, what's behind the song ceremonies and the DEC.08 album launch.