Gentle Warrior, is a sweet ride of revealing love stories. It opens my heart, brings a smile to my face, and reminds me that we are all connected.”

— Sharon Brock

Gentle warrior - the album experience

Gentle Warrior (2019)


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An acoustic solo album of some of Jont's most soulful and healing songs.

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"Gentle Warrior" - Mixed by Sean Cook and Mastered by Galen Conroy, Recorded by David Scholten, Songs Written and performed by Jont. Cover Art by Vanni Mangoni.

Gentle Warrior is available through purchasing the download or CD here. Thank you for supporting the creation and sharing of this music. **NOTE: All CD purchases include a download code**

Gentle Warrior is like a healing musical meditation featuring nine songs, some new along with others from previous albums. All are performed solo on a nylon string guitar with no additional instrumentation, creating an uplifting and expansive listening experience.

Opening the Door to Gentle Warrior

One morning a voice told me I had a new name: Gentle Warrior.

Following this feeling, I started singing from a place inside that felt more connected to my true essence.   Days later, I went into the studio and recorded this album.

Some albums are perfect to put on as you cruise down the highway. Others when friends are over for dinner, or when you are jumping in the shower and starting a new day.

This album lives its fullest life when you take some time to be still and fully commit to listening to it.

Daring words from the conduit, but what do I have to lose? Nothing at all.  

Everything I have learned from life resonates with the same ringing truth – just say what you feel to be true, do not worry what others think, show what is on the inside on the outside and you will be doing your service.