The listening lounge is an intentional space that invites a deep and intimate listening experience.  

This is how the sonic medicine naturally present in music can inspire us, as well as support transformation and healing.  

Enjoy exploring this dynamic, interactive space that includes albums, playlists, videos, commentaries, spontaneous acoustic demos, podcasts, remixes and practices of musical meditation.

Supernatural: A Contemplative Listening Experience

Supernatural is one of the quintessential “Jont” songs. 

It offers much for contemplation, including the wondrous fact that we are somehow alive in these bodies with a vast sensorium with which to explore and experience these precious and fleeting physical lives.  


No one actually knows how this Life is possible. Yet when we stop, feel and listen we get a glimpse of an inner truth. And perhaps it is this essence that draws us to each other in love and curiosity, as we reflect each other...and find ourselves.   



Find somewhere you can comfortably listen for at least 15 minutes, without interruption (longer is better; do what fits). 

Sit quietly for about a minute and simply breathe. 

Put on your headphones or turn the volume up enough so that you can immerse yourself in the music (without disturbing anyone else). 



Listen with your ears, your heart, your body.   

Listen and notice what the song is reflecting in you now, what comes alive for you through the lyrics and the music - the rise and fall of words, notes, silence, and crescendos. 



Listen and notice how you FEEL, where you feel in your being (body, mind, heart, energy, emotions, and so on...) 

Listen and notice what you are being shown, what is being revealed about life now, for you.  


(Be free to let the music lead you - move if you want to move, dance... )



Integrate the experience.  Spend a few moments sitting quietly afterward. You may also feel called to journal, draw or paint your expressions.  


Offer Gratitude

Complete the practice with a moment of gratitude for the medicine you have received. 



Share your insights and experiences with someone.  If you are comfortable, share them with us via email and we can post them here on the site for our virtual community for the benefit of all.

We all host such wisdom within and we have much to learn with each other.

I know that what I see is not just happening to me there’s something in your eyes, I can tell…”
Whenever I hear Jont's music, I can't help but stop what I'm doing, close my eyes and drop into the relaxing melodies and soulful lyrics. Jont's authentic and endearing presence brings a level of depth to his music that always captures my full attention. ”

— Sharon