As a live performer Jont gives all of himself. His joy and love of singing emanate from the stage. He has a powerful presence, a gentle warrior, a fire cracker and a healer all rolled into one.”

— Sharon

"Feeling the earth beneath my feet, feeling the wind on my face and sun on the trees, not a moment to lose, not a moment today when I won't be in the right now..."



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SOLD OUT! Tangled up in our robes of limiting beliefs and ancestral trauma, saturated energetically with a collective anxiety and impending gloom, it is a challenge in 2022 to remember who we truly are: boundless beings within whom every conceivable miracle of the universe has the potential to echo.

It is time to return to that forgotten land and singer-songwriter-poet, Jont along with the Heartland Family - a group of close friends who synchronicitously fell into creating this high-energy, at times reflective at times cathartic hybrid electronic music show featuring a string quartet and a full choir - are the people who have come to take you there. They present it for the first time at the Bus Stop Theatre on Thursday August 11, 2022.

All risers will be out - the floor will be an open-flow space to encounter the music, cast of characters and for moving and dancing. Outlandish and expressive costumes that invite you to be fully present asyouare are encouraged! A refreshing dry bar will serve warm cacao, sparkling waters and kombucha on tap.

Ticket holders are invited to join the after-party. After the 2-hour show the theatre will remain open and the energy will continue to expand into an aftershow celebration featuring Heartland DJ sets, dancing and other spontaneous delights. You will leave feeling fully alive – plugged back into the magical electrical socket of the Universe - invigorated, and connected to the essence of who you really are and why and how you want to share your unique expression with the world.

TICKET INFORMATION 100 tickets available Early Bird $40. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door for $50 (Cash only)

TIME Doors open 7:15 pm. Show starts at 8 pm. DJ Aftershow follows.

*We are dedicated to ensuring that those who feel they need to be present and receive this medicine can be part of the night. We have reserved a number of pay-what-you-can tickets. Please contact Jont ( if you would like to access this option. As well, if you feel called to donate a ticket or portion of a ticket so someone from the community can attend, please do so by contacting Jont.

VENUE The Bus Stop Theatre | 2203 Gottingen St, Halifax

Jont - Zoom LOVEstream

Spring is here. Birds are sharing songs and so will we on Sunday April 3, 2002.

Join the Zoom LOVEstream: 4 pm Halifax / 3 pm Ottawa / 12 pm LA / 8 pm UK.

Grab a Ticket for $5 OR even better, sign up for a Tier I Subscription ( for $5 and receive a free ticket to the April 3rd LOVEstream plus access to the entire catalogue of streamable albums, unreleased music, video, replays of previous LOVEstreams and more. Of course we'd love it if you stayed on as a monthly Subscriber-Supporter, but you can opt-out easily at any time.

However you decide join on Sunday - it's a deep transmission. Grab some headphones, and block out some time for yourself...

Many artists can entertain with their music, but you've taken your art beyond entertainment, into a world of reflection and wonderment, on things that have been, and are yet to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. ”

— Ben & Kelly

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