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A "few little more moments" of peace, joy, love and connection.

That’s what this is all about! All that good stuff you feel in your heart when you listen to my songs, and when we are together at gigs and ceremonies, that’s my intention for what this subscription will bring you…

As well as being a relaxed place to stream my albums and explore my music, being a Gentle Warrior gives you access to an online community of people who also appreciate the vibe of what I do and the universal message in the songs. 

It also finally gives those of you who want to, a way to show your appreciation for my music in a tangible way that will help me focus full-time on my music.



We are really excited about the possibilities that this Gentle Warrior Community has. To be totally honest, we don't really know exactly how its going to work out - but we do know that we are committed to providing amazing content for subscribers, and to making a genuine effort to build a conscious online community based around the fundamental concept that we are one and that you are us.

This is our invitation, to you, to join us for an adventure!

A beautiful adventure - to find new friends, to reach new places on your healing journey, and to get in on this new venture from the beginning.... as you know if you have connected with my music recently, there is really sweet, pure healing energy coming through and I am more committed and more devoted than ever to my path, to my meditation, to sharing this love through these songs I am so lucky to sing for you..


That's it!

I really hope to see you inside!

Any questions before you sign up - just message us on the contact page.

X Jont