As a live performer Jont gives all of himself. His joy and love of singing emanate from the stage. He has a powerful presence, a gentle warrior, a fire cracker and a healer all rolled into one.”

— Sharon


Jont - Zoom LOVEstream

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Next date: TBA 

Join us for the Zoom gatherings in 2022! The songs create an uplifting and deep field of loving connection.

Subscribers – always free.  

**All ticket holders will get the recording a couple of days later!

"Feeling the earth beneath my feet, feeling the wind on my face and sun on the trees, not a moment to lose, not a moment today when I won't be in the right now..."



Join Jont for ONLINE and LIVE gatherings of music in 2022.

Jont - Online and Live Gigs 2021


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Jont - Zoom LOVEstream

Spring is here. Birds are sharing songs and so will we on Sunday April 3, 2002.

Join the Zoom LOVEstream: 4 pm Halifax / 3 pm Ottawa / 12 pm LA / 8 pm UK.

Grab a Ticket for $5 OR even better, sign up for a Tier I Subscription ( for $5 and receive a free ticket to the April 3rd LOVEstream plus access to the entire catalogue of streamable albums, unreleased music, video, replays of previous LOVEstreams and more. Of course we'd love it if you stayed on as a monthly Subscriber-Supporter, but you can opt-out easily at any time.

However you decide join on Sunday - it's a deep transmission. Grab some headphones, and block out some time for yourself...

Jont - Zoom LOVEstream

Join the first Zoom LOVEstream of 2022 on Sunday February 20, 2022 @ 4 pm Halifax / 8 pm London / 12 pm LA.

The songs create an uplifting and deep field of loving connection. If you are curious about the experience, check out this clip from the October 2021 gig

Tickets $5

Subscribers – always free - check your email for the zoom link. Interested in subscribing for as little as $5/month? Go to

**All ticket holders will get the recording a couple of days later!

See you Sunday!

Jont - Under The Apple Trees #2

 —  —

MAYLIGHT, 115 Margaret Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Join us for "Under The Apple Trees #2" at MAYLIGHT (115 Margaret Road, Halifax) on Sunday Sept 26th, 2021 from 2.30 to 6 pm...with Jont & special guests Sylvie Marie / Jacques Mindreau.

**Rain will bring this event indoors - 15 tickets will be available.

No dinner this time but feel free to bring something delicious to share!

Tickets are $10

NOTE: If for some reason we can be outside, on the day bring folding chairs or cushions and something warm to wear or a blanket, after 5 pm it can get chilly...

And we shall have some fun!

Many artists can entertain with their music, but you've taken your art beyond entertainment, into a world of reflection and wonderment, on things that have been, and are yet to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. ”

— Ben & Kelly

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