As a live performer Jont gives all of himself. His joy and love of singing emanate from the stage. He has a powerful presence, a gentle warrior, a fire cracker and a healer all rolled into one.”

— Sharon

"Feeling the earth beneath my feet, feeling the wind on my face and sun on the trees, not a moment to lose, not a moment today when I won't be in the right now..."


LIVE: A Night of Fun

Tickets are on sale below for this not-to-be missed experience Friday March 8, 2024 presented by Jont & Heartland.

Jont - A Night of Fun March 8, 2024 (Halifax)


Previous events

Reunion Cafe

Music on the Hill, 833 Shore Road, Sydney Mines

Reunion Cafe is a new groundbreaking monthly Cacao ceremony hosted by UK singer-songwriter Jont at Music on the Hill in Sydney Mines. Effortlessly blending the fun of a party and a gig with the intentionality and emotional power of a sacred song ceremony, Reunion Cafe presents native and non-native local songwriters and bands in an alcohol-free environment that feels like a cozy living-room.

This month we are deeply honoured to have Mi’kmaq singer-songwriter Hubert Francis join us, and alongside him local artists Sonnie Greening and Bethany June will play short sets followed by Jont & The Fish.

Doors: 7:00 pm Start: 8:00 pm

Admission: $25 Tickets: EMT to

Join us for a vibrant evening of medicine music - a Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremony with Jont and special guests, including Coco Harris.

Doors open 6:30 PM. Ceremony begins at 7 PM and lasts until 10 PM. Limited space. Tickets $25 (advance only). Your ticket includes a cup of Cacao. Tickets are final sale.

Please bring whatever cushions or blankets you need to be comfortable.

Jont Zoom LOVEStream

(AST, UTC-04) (AST, UTC-04)

Join me for the first Zoom LOVEstream from my new home in Cape Breton. The fire will be lit. The cats will be purring. I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces. Starts at 5 PM Halifax, 9 PM London UK, and 1 PM LA. Tickets $20 or nearest offer! (I.e., offer what you can manage). The Zoom link is in your ticket and it will also be sent to you via email. Tickets are non-refundable. All those who purchase a ticket will also receive a link to replay the recording.

Many artists can entertain with their music, but you've taken your art beyond entertainment, into a world of reflection and wonderment, on things that have been, and are yet to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. ”

— Ben & Kelly

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