Winter: Sneak Peek & Going Deep


 Hey folks

Are you enjoying your winter? 

For some of you (especially if you're Canadian!) it might only just be getting going....if you're in Europe then you might be having one of those abnormally spring-like days. 


Well, all I'd say is if you've got a bit of your winter left.....use it!

Go deep, it's gonna be gone soon. 


All those darker places you might go to in the darker months, you won't have access to them in the brighter days of summer. Maybe there are some things there that would be worth looking at.




Winter makes me write poems. Here's one I wrote last week:


One Day Soon


I'd like to live in the country
with a dog and a woman
and not do any of the things I am doing
get away completely


there'd be a waterfall nearby we would
walk to in the day, sometimes when it was nice
but there'd be nothing much to do
just me and you and all the countryside and us
all the things to do would be done we'd have
got them done before we came so there'd be
no reason to go in town again


I'd wake up
and just be with the trees
and the animals yeah let's see how long 
that would last you say


yeah one day and it feels like it should be soon
I'd like to live in the country with just a
woman and a dog and the trees, by a waterfall
and our phones would all be off


we'd have put them in a drawer, the one
with the ball of rubber bands and the 
postcard from Japan


and the fire there would roar
every night we'd burn it to keep us warm
and you'd fall asleep reading your book and 
I'd carry you to bed and everything would fade
until the sun came back again




Yeah. sounds nice huh? 

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This month subscribers will be getting both a bit of poetry and also a sneak peak of an upcoming awesome video for one of the brand new tracks. 

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I've been busy - I am preparing the best recordings I have ever made in my life. For you. For me. For whoever ends up hearing them.

I think they will form the basis of a really exciting live show. They kind of a hybrid of electronic dance tracks with warm, explicit humanity in the form of a string quartet and a choir. 

I am going to start releasing them in the form of singles from Earth Day (April 22nd) onwards, when we will release the first track, an uplifting, truth-telling anthem about seeing the other person as you and addressing inequality RIGHT NOW.... It's called I Think It Could Be Possible.

Thanks to my amazing godchildren we have an wonderful video on its way for that - loads of different people all over the world are doing their own version of the song and sending me very simple phone camera recordings of it and I am going to compile them all together to be part of the official video....

...if you want to see my amazing godchildren do their utterly captivating and heart-swelling version of the song (infinitely better than I could ever hope to'll see... it's adorable) or to read more about the project and possibly even send in your own version, then click to watch and read the details...


ITICBP Halifax, UK Choir!






In the build up to that I will be coming to Europe in February (primarily to spend a few days with my mum) but thought I would fit in a few Gentle Warrior dates... if you are in or near Austria or Slovenia or Ibiza, then - get in touch or look on the SHOWS page on the website or the FB page. I would love you to come and join us for these ceremonies.



Gentle Warrior Europe 2020



That's all folks....

Connect with your inner hermit (is that a tautology?) - soon the ice will have gone (well, soonish) and we will all be swimming in avocado toast & sun cream & smiles and your chance to address the fundamental crisis at the center of your being will have drifted off to merge with a far away cloud.... do it now! (and remember the key to it ALL is the one month subscription trial <grin>). 


With much love....and gratitude that you are there on the end of this and that we are connected.