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Hey everyone,

I found myself writing some thoughts down in my phone before a meeting the other day. I got carried away and was almost late for the meeting. At the bottom of the page is what I wrote. It's called "The Trajectory Of Truth".


birthday live stream

In other news, we have finally got the streaming really REALLY working well now and the second subscriber gig is happening on my birthday Monday August 17th @  5 pm London / 1 pm Halifax / 12 pm Toronto / 9 am L.A...

The best birthday present really would be a whole bunch of you signing up to be subscribers and coming to the gig! I would love that. Can't say I didn't say what I wanted! If you want a taste of how good the stream is these days and what you're missing check out this awesome extract from Sunday's Avalon Rising Summit which I was a special guest at...

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OK, back to the ... what is it?

The trajectory of what? of Truth? OK....sounds serious...


the trajectory of truth

We all play our part.

Does it actually matter what part we play?


Is someone intrinsically more valuable than another person because of the part they are playing in this existence?

Or should we attach more importance and significance to understanding what our part is

- rather than judging it to be better or worse than others?

When we have understood what our part is, that understanding will be a personal one, based on our own understanding of the existence we are living within, or our self-knowledge.

We all play our part with varying degrees of this self-knowledge.

Even though sometimes we might miss opportunities or have the feeling we are messing our lives up, we are always playing our part with the perfect amount of self-knowledge for us at that time.

And our mistakes and our pain are the teachers that catalyse the blossoming of our self-knowledge.

In many ways every single human being is living out an incredibly similar part in an incredibly similar drama.

We are all so alike.

When we gather to hear music, when we gather to sing, we might experience the flimsy barriers that separate us buckling and being washed away.

When we smile and say hello and acknowledge people we have never met before, in a subtle way we are saying "I see you, you are me!".

When we stand up for the oppressed, when we live lives that are honest, when we call out bullying or inequality we are acting on our recognition that the other person is us.

And when we look deep inside ourselves to see what lies behind our fears, addictions, limiting beliefs, and emotionality, to see what causes our suffering and then seek to heal it, we are acknowledging that we are intrinsically the same as the freest, happiest most peaceful human beings that exist.

We do not look deep inside and address the causes of our pain for entertainment. We go inside because we have an innate understanding that this misery is not our natural state. We have an innate understanding that something has happened to make us less than at peace, less than in harmony, less than in love.

By actively seeking to understand what has made us who and how we are, we are declaring that we have the power to  live lives that are free from pain and full of love, peace and harmony, and that the only way we will get there, the only possible way to get there for every single being is the same - through our own efforts.

It might take years (or lifetimes) of work to make any significant impact on the past and present blockages, conditioning and trauma that have affected and still affect our family lineages. It might do. Or you might be able to clear something very quickly. 

No matter. Once the direction of our life is set at this trajectory, the trajectory of honesty to ourselves, of transparency between us and all of the world, a sincere desire to live truthfully and to come out of ignorance, to live understanding the other person is you - it is then that we finally can relax.

Immediately, once you have understood that this trajectory of truth is the path of your life, there is the peace you were struggling to feel. There is the stillness you were missing. Amidst all the noise and commotion you were thinking you needed to run from.

It has never been about a final destination. It is this sincere trajectory of truth that allows us to experience our life exactly as it is, to see the beauty in each moment - and call it heaven.

we all play our part


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