A Way That You Can Ease Your Soul

A Way To Ease Your Soul Jont Free Playlist


Hey, how you doing?

I hope you are doing your best to make it through this time.

It can definitely be hard to wind down, not to get stressed about future projections of how life will be, what is in the news, etc.

So, to try to do my bit to help, I've put together a playlist of my most soothing songs and made it available for free to you and anyone in the world, for free, no adverts etc - on my website.

It's here for you to enjoy. I've called it “A Way That You Can Ease Your Soul” and it's 16 songs - almost an hour and a half of music.


Listen HERE


A Way To Ease Your Soul





P.S. I wrote this looking out at the sea the other day... 



So, after this is there gonna be an explosion of air travel as people go on holiday to celebrate their new found and perhaps temporary freedom?

Are all the big bands gonna do post lockdown celebration outdoor shows where the crowd will drop their empties to the floor and leave the place a total wreck?

Will we go back to fights outside the pub on Saturday night?

Will we continue eating food coated in plastic and chemicals and shipped to us from the other side of the world?

Will we go back to ignoring each other as we pass in the street?

Will we just go back to accepting all the negative aspects of our collective endeavour here on earth....the greed, the short termism, the 1% model, the physical suffering?

Will we continue to ignore the collective emotional suffering that spawns such a world? Fear running the show. Or...

Will enough of us have started waking up to truly make a change?

Now that's the premise for a great show. Call it "Life On Earth".


Life On Earth