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Jont - November 2020 Enews


Greetings pasajeros!

I’m feeling very grateful to be able to write to you each month, that there are a band of you out there in the world, after such a long time doing this music, who still open up the emails and tune in to what I offer. I massively appreciate this long-term relationship! It has made ALL the difference to my journey on this path to have people let their appreciation for what I do be known.

I went in to retreat earlier in the autumn and contemplated deeply the meaning of my existence. Why was I here? What was the point in being here? The phrase “To Share That Joy” came to me and really resonated.

We all sing our song, more or less, in whatever shape or form. But why do we feel like singing? For me I have realized my songs and singing are an expression of gratitude and exultation for this extraordinary experience of life, in all its beauty and complexity. And what overflows from that gratitude is a heart-felt desire “To Share That Joy”.

In its purest essence this sharing could take the form of a prayer or meditation where you connect to the loving awareness and allow that love to flow outwards and connect with all beings. Since my retreat I have made this a daily practice. I find it grounds me in the reality that feels most comfortable to live in and most beneficial for me and for others.

So the essence of my sharing comes from a very pure place that is not dependent on how many people receive this sharing or how it is received. However - when I do hear that people are appreciating what I am doing, or that they have really seen me, really felt and understood and in some case been helped or uplifted by this sharing - it is a really touching gift, it brings me a lot of joy right back to know that you have shared in these exultations and they have made you exultant too!

So I just wanted to say thank you for being the receivers of these songs over the years. And I am looking forward to sharing songs with you again this Tuesday. I hope you will join us….to share that joy.




Join us for the November 2020 song ceremony happening at 5 pm AST Halifax | 9 pm UTC UK | 1 pm PST LA.

These ceremonies have become a source of solace with plenty of fresh heart-opening content to uplift, comfort, inspire and ground you - music, musings and of course all the expected Jont antics.

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Enjoy these highlights from recent livestreams and full length features. 


A fully heart-charged version of "Church On Sunday", from the October 2020 Living Room Livestream, including a feast for the eyes with this month’s wardrobe choice!

Jont - Church On Sunday Live / Video October 2020(Watch & Share Link)


This was released for subscribers last month and we also wanted to share with the rest of you: the first clip from the upcoming Thank You For The Medicine Live Album Launch Full Feature. It contains the opening words and the live version of “Before You”.

Jont - Before You / Live Video from Thank You For The Medicine Album Launch(Watch & Share Link)


Here's a video of “Lucky Leaf” from a Full Length Feature of Gentle Warrior Berlin. It’s always fun to hear the group release self consciousness and sing along. (The full feature and other clips are available on subscriber pages).

Jont - Lucky Leaf / Gentle Warrior Berlin - Video (Watch & Share Link)


We are one. There is no separation. There's no "you" and "me"…just the music, just the songs...and before the songs and after the songs, in the songs and out of the songs. One song, one long song...



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